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4 Tips for Writing a CTA That Converts

Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are an important part of any website, but especially websites with the goal of lead-generation. 

What’s a CTA? 

You likely already have a CTA somewhere on your website – it’s a written prompt to perform a desired action. You can use CTAs to drive different actions, depending on what your end goal for the user is. 

With the right CTA, you’ll convert your website visitors into leads and hopefully trial members. It’s important to use your calls to action to guide your leads through the sign-up process.

So how should you write a CTA that converts for your martial arts website?

 1. Keep it simple

An effective CTA is simple and straightforward. It clearly explains the action the website visitor should take and guides them through the process. CTAs should be easy to locate and consistent throughout the different pages on your site. 

 2. Use phrases that encourage taking action

Make sure you give your audience a reason to follow through. Start with a strong verb. Remember that CTA doesn’t just mean “click here to buy.” It could simply mean, “Click here to learn more!” or “Click here to view our schedule!”

Create urgency and take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out). Asking people to “get started now” or “secure your spot today” works — it pushes your website visitors to take advantage of your offer right away. 

 3. Utilize only necessary fields on your opt-in form

A form with too many fields is a form that most people will scroll right through. Keep your form straightforward and only collect necessary information – name, email, phone number, and program of interest. 

 4. Make it low risk/low commitment

A call to action along the lines of “Learn more about our exclusive web special!” is low risk, so your website visitors will be more likely to follow through with the opt-in. Learning more about an offer or a schedule is much less of a commitment than signing up NOW for a paid trial. “Book your FREE assessment!” works similarly.

To recap, an effective CTA:

  • is simple and straightforward
  • clearly explains the action the user should take
  • uses phrases that encourage taking action
  • utilizes only necessary fields on the form

Once you have your CTA nailed down, check out several other ways to attract leads with a high performing website!