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Market Muscles makes it easy to bring you more paying members with our martial arts & fitness websites

With over 700 martial arts & fitness businesses around the world trusting Market Muscles with their website, our comprehensive marketing platform is exactly what your business needs.

Why we're different

We get it – running a martial arts school or gym takes a lot of time and effort, and your time is better spent on doing other things than managing your website.

Let us take your website & online marketing off of your hands, forever, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

We’re trusted by 700+ Martial Arts & Fitness Businesses

We have your back with the latest & greatest

An unmatched feature list that your business needs

Built to Convert

Our websites are specifically set up to convert people visiting your website into paying customers for your business.

Optimized for SEO

Ranking high on search engines means more people will be visiting your website and not your competitor's websites.

Email & SMS Flows

It's all in the follow-up. Use our pre-made martial arts email & sms flows or add your own so you never miss an opportunity with your leads.

Lead Management

Our easy-to-use lead management system allows you to keep track of every detail surrounding your leads.

Mobile Friendly

Over 80% of website traffic is now visited by a mobile device. Rest easy knowing that your website is optimized for all mobile devices.

Muscle Link

Following up with leads quickly is integral to your conversion rate, but we get it, you're busy. As soon as you get a new lead, we'll give you a call and let you connect directly to them.

Landing Pages

There's no need to spend extra money on other landing page software – easily create, customize, and publish high converting landing pages.

Easy to Update

Dare we say... managing your website can be fun? Easily change your pictures, website content, schedule, and more with just a few clicks.

Fast Web Hosting

Website load time is crucial when it comes to generating leads. Our dedicated technical support team ensures our servers are kept in tip-top shape.

TV Content Manager

Display pictures, videos, advertisements, and anything else you can think of on your TV with our unique TV Content Manager.

Online Payments

Whether you're selling a trial program or class package, easily accept payments directly through your website.

Pop Ups

Capture the attention of your website visitors with customizable advertisement pop-ups.

Easy Communication

Our communication tools allow you to SMS message with your leads, directly or in bulk.

Retargeting Ready

Retargeting is one of the best ways to drive people back to your website. Our websites are optimized and ready for any tracking or retargeting codes.

Social Media

Access our vast gallery of social media resources (Facebook ads, social media posts, coloring sheets, and more) to drive more people to your website.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves in top-notch customer support that's available 5 days a week by phone, email, or live chat.

Don’t take our word for it

Check out what our customers have to say

Bill Jones
Top Level Martial Arts

I love my MM website. The support is great and I regularly get over 60 leads per month on mine for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu alone.

I highly recommend this company.

Joshua Smith
Premier Martial Arts

I am starting a new school & and I’m blown away at the quality of the MM site!! It’s absolutely amazing!!

Lanre Lawanson
Chang’s Martial Arts Academy

Great leads generating website!

Allen Branch
Fitness One

Market Muscle has not only revamped our site, and improved our online presence, but they also started bringing leads in almost immediately! We have seen over 275 new leads since we started and our program continues to grow!

Thanks Stephen for the help, and always being there to answer my (many) questions!

Thanks again!!!

Cheong Park
Park's Federation

I’ve had FCOM’s full blown services including their FB ad placement by Winterbourne since I have switched to MARKET MUSCLE the results soon as my site � launched has been AWESOME. Leads Leads and also paid Leads
What a difference! Plus there is a person you can talk to in customer service.

Chris Gehring
Inspire Martial Arts

We had a different website company. Found them to not be worth the money being put forth. Felt nickle and dimed with no benefit. I contacted Steven with the Market Muscle team and have been beyond satisfied. The MM team puts 100% into making sure you and your new site is successful. Just today alone, we have received 6 leads due to the help of Steven and the MM team. If you want the highest quality website and digital services, look no further than Market Muscles.

Chris Rowe
Quest Martial Arts

I changed my dated site, that I was not able to adjust, or customize, to the MM Site! I see new contacts, plus my paid trails keep climbing! Great service and support, and it is integrated with my software! Now I have added the e-mail marketing campaigns, that stuff is gold!

Claire Lider
U.S. World Taekwondo

What makes Market Muscles different than the others? QUALIFIED leads. Sure, other websites can produce leads, but the leads generated with Market Muscles websites are viable customers that are ready to enroll. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to build their clientele.

Cody Wilson
El Cerrito Martial Arts

Beautiful Websites. Great responsive service. Good guy who is a pleasure to work with.

Eric Rangel-Ribeiro
Gentle East Martial Arts

So happy to have switched from trying to revamp my Website to having Market Muscles create a site for me. Stephen and his team are very responsive to requests, roll out improvements and upgrades without having to be asked to do so. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, contact Market Muscles today!

Landon Mac
Gracie 912 Fight + Fitness

I am so mad that I didnt sign up a year ago...if youre on the fence about doing it, message me and ill share some personal info with you to push you over the fence for sure! you have to be STUPID if you own a martial arts school and dont have Market Muscles!!

all of my gym owning friends and myself have all seen great results, ive never heard any gym owner friends that werent happy with the services provided!!! I really cant recommend them enough

message me and ill show you some crazy analytics, these guys saved my school....the hard days are behind me!

Michael Stinson
Quest Martial Arts Chandler

Awesome websites that deliver what they promise and continue to innovate and improve. If you run a martial arts school you owe it to yourself to check them out if they are available in your area still

Tommy Seigler
Seigler's Karate Center

MM Rocks! We have had great results form all things Market Muscles!!