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Trusted by 700+ martial arts, box gym, gymnastics, yoga, and fitness businesses worldwide. Our clients get the tools they need to convert leads to paying members.

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Convert website visitors into paying members with our powerful process

Our expert team has helped more than 700+ martial arts & fitness businesses beat their local competitors with our proven 3-step marketing process.

Build a Highly Converting Website

We’ll build you a website that’s designed to convert visitors into paying members — the first step in your path to dominating the local competition.

Optimize for Success

Next, we’ll research target keywords for your area and optimize your site to get it onto the first page of Google – and keep it there.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

With targeted PPC advertising on Google and Facebook, we’ll attract new leads to your site and help you convert them to paying customers.

A Complete Online Marketing Solution to Bring in New Members

Our comprehensive online marketing solution delivers more leads, more members, and more revenue to your business.

We specialize in working with Martial Arts & Fitness businesses, and can help you increase your sales and take your facility to the NEXT LEVEL.

Our process is proven. We’ll help you market effectively with a combination of search engine optimization, social media, paid advertising, reputation management, and more. Our free suite of digital marketing tools are at your disposal to help you get the results you deserve.

After working with over 700 martial arts & fitness businesses around the world, we’ve dialed in the most successful process to drive new members right to your door.

An Intuitive Dashboard to Manage your Marketing with Full Transparency

Managing your marketing should be easy — and it is with our easy-to-use dashboard. Use it to monitor the success of your digital marketing campaigns and get the ROI you deserve.

Integrity is one of our core values at Market Muscles, so you’ll get 24/7 access to our dashboard, giving you full transparency into the performance and statistics of your online campaigns. 

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people are visiting your website, how many leads you’ve generated, how much each lead has cost you, and more.

Everything You Need to Grow Your Business in One Package

You have a lot of choices when it comes to marketing your fitness business online — and if you’ve tried it yourself, you know it can be frustrating. It’s time to stop guessing and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Optimized Websites
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Email & SMS Flows
Lead Management
Mobile Friendly
Muscle Link
Landing Pages
Easy to Update
Fast Web Hosting
Online Payments
Pop Ups
Mobile App
Ad Retargeting
Dedicated Support
Social Media

Market Muscle has not only revamped our site, and improved our online presence, but they also started bringing leads in almost immediately! We have seen over 275 new leads since we started and our program continues to grow!

Thanks Stephen for the help, and always being there to answer my (many) questions!

Thanks again!!!

Allen Branch
Fitness One

January 1st to the 19th we’ve had over 94 leads… it has blown us away. The lead generation has been like none other.

Scott Smith
Founder, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of Kentucky

We had a different website company. Found them to not be worth the money being put forth. Felt nickle and dimed with no benefit. I contacted Steven with the Market Muscle team and have been beyond satisfied. The MM team puts 100% into making sure you and your new site is successful. Just today alone, we have received 6 leads due to the help of Steven and the MM team. If you want the highest quality website and digital services, look no further than Market Muscles.

Chris Gehring
Inspire Martial Arts

What makes Market Muscles different than the others? QUALIFIED leads. Sure, other websites can produce leads, but the leads generated with Market Muscles websites are viable customers that are ready to enroll. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to build their clientele.

Claire Lider
U.S. World Taekwondo

So happy to have switched from trying to revamp my Website to having Market Muscles create a site for me. Stephen and his team are very responsive to requests, roll out improvements and upgrades without having to be asked to do so. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, contact Market Muscles today!

Eric Rangel-Ribeiro
Gentle East Martial Arts

What a difference a professional and well run website will do for your business! Market Muscles helped me build my online presence = more leads = more students. Super graphics, attention grabbing ad copy, and just good old fashioned outstanding customer service makes Market Muscles a must have for your martial arts studio. I highly recommend Stephen Reinstein and his team!

Helen Stehlik
Fit2Fight Martial Arts

I am so mad that I didnt sign up a year ago…if youre on the fence about doing it, message me and ill share some personal info with you to push you over the fence for sure! you have to be STUPID if you own a martial arts school and dont have Market Muscles!!

Landon Mac
Gracie 912 Fight + Fitness

ALWAYS the best customer service. Yesterday they went above and beyond when the company that holds my domain made a huge change mistake and shut down the direct connection to my website, down for 10 days before I even found out! Once I knew, I called Bluehost and they took me in circles. Messaged Stephen and he logged in for me and had it back up within 10 minutes.

Market Muscles is always working to make us successful and is always adding new features. So glad I made this choice!

Valerie Henley Webre
Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness

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