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Name, Email, & Phone – The Ideal Opt-in

What are the ideal opt-in fields to have on your martial arts or fitness website?

At Market Muscles, we’ve helped 1,000+ martial arts & fitness businesses with their websites and have been responsible for connecting 1,000,000+ prospects with our clients. We’ve had a ton of time and experience to figure out the best opt-in fields that finds the best balance between QUANTITY and QUALITY.

So, why are Email & Phone NOT enough?

The concept of having only an email & phone number is supposed to result in more leads since there are less fields to fill out and less of a commitment for the prospect.

But keep in mind – leads are only good if they turn into new members, right?

Having a proper follow-up system is integral for converting a lead into a member, and that system must include phone calls, emails, and SMS. We’ve all heard of the stats regarding follow-up time with leads. As busy business owners, it’s almost impossible to manage manually – which is why most of us rely on automation via email & SMS to do the heavy lifting for us.

The goal with automation is to build a connection with your prospects. Messages need to appear as if they’ve been manually sent by you or a staff member & they must be personalized.

If messages don’t seem genuine and personalized, you’re doing several things:

  • killing the potential connection with your lead
  • losing out on the opportunity to build trust
  • missing the opportunity to provide an experience that’s going to make your prospect comfortable with taking that next step

Essentially, you’re doing a huge disservice to your business.

Does your opt-in have too many fields?

One of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to opt-in fields on martial arts & fitness websites is asking for TOO much information. You don’t need to know everything about your prospect, yet. Things like why they’re looking for classes, a box for a custom message, their birthdate, etc., are not necessary. You’ll learn more information once you actually talk with the prospect, and it can be used as a way to build rapport and a connection.

Side note: Make sure your name field is just ONE field, and not two (first name, last name). Some people have three names. Not only is this less fields for your prospects to fill out, but this also promotes inclusivity. Don’t give an excuse to your prospect to not fill out their information.

As you’re considering the fields on your opt-in form, make sure your CTA is written to convert so you can get the conversation started and get more leads through your doors!