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Social Proof: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

Have you ever been interested in buying something, so you go online and read reviews before you make the purchase? You see the product has 4.7 out of 5 stars, so you feel confident it’ll be great for you. THAT is social proof.

Whether you’re scrolling online or hearing from people in person, the opinion of others likely plays into your decision making process. If you’re looking for a new gym and see the one you were interested in has 2 out of 5 stars online, you’re probably going to second guess yourself.

Social proof is a way for your leads to see that others have used your services and had a positive experience. It can help build trust in your business and create confidence in your services among potential customers.

There are several different types of social proof:

User Testimonials (aka reviews)

Customers that have used the product or service before and are telling about the experience first-hand.

Reviews are everywhere online – Facebook, Google, Yelp and beyond. The more great reviews you have, the better! Check out our post on reviews for some tips on how to get more.

Circle of Friends

People that are like you and that you trust have tested the product or service and share information about their experience. Having a “bring a friend to class” event is a great way to get people talking about your classes and joining in on the fun!

Expert Approval

An expert knows the industry well and shares insight on what’s going on.

How do you get expert approval? Chat with experts in your area, see if there are any local podcasts you could join in on, check out local events – the opportunities are everywhere!

Celebrity Endorsement

A celebrity endorsement, for example a UFC Fighter or influencer in the fitness industry, usually carries a lot of weight. These are people that others admire or want to be like. If a fitness influencer attends one of your classes and posts about it on Instagram, that could generate more interest in your facility among the influencers followers.

Wisdom of Crowds

The wisdom of crowds is the idea that if a large group of people is doing something or using a product or service, then that’s probably the thing to do/product or service to use.

What type of social proof is the most important? Really, any form of social proof is great!

If you’re wondering how you can gather social proof, reviews are a great place to start. As you’re gathering reviews, let our support team know if you want any added to your website! You can reach them at [email protected].