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How and When to Ask Your Members for Reviews

Great reviews are valuable for any business. Think about it – what’s the first thing you do when you hear about a business you may be interested in?

Personally, I hop online and see what other people have to say about them. Whether it’s reading Google reviews, checking out their Facebook page, or heading to Yelp, I want to know about other people’s experiences.

THAT is why reviews are so valuable.

So how do you get your members to leave you reviews?

Think about what motivates your members.

What value do your members get for leaving you a review?

For some people, they may just leave reviews because they love coming to your classes or they want to spread the word about how great your instructors are! Others may need something that gets them interested in hopping online and writing a review.

Provide an incentive every now and then, for example, a drawing of everyone who leaves reviews from the first of the month to the end of the month. Give out a t-shirt to the first five people to leave you a Facebook review. Consider what your members get excited about and offer it as a thank you!

Make leaving a review easy.

Don’t make your members seek out your different review sites – put the links right in front of them! Add the links to your review pages to your member emails, your website, and really anywhere else your members may want to access them.

Do you have a member portal? With the Market Muscles student portal, you’re able to add a “Leave a Review” page. On the page, you can ask your members to leave you a review and  link all of your different review pages. It’s easy for your members to click and start typing about their experience at your facility.

Just ask!

As simple as it sounds, sometimes the easiest way to get reviews is to just ask for them! A lot of times, your members will be happy to share their positive experiences at your facility.

When are you supposed to ask for reviews?

If someone is telling you how much they enjoyed a class they just participated in, ask them if they’d mind sharing online too! Send a thank you email to your attendees after events that you host and ask them to give you feedback and leave a review at the end.

Reviews can help set you apart from the competition and build trust in your business. Don’t be hesitant to ask for them!

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