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Google Search Updates | July 2023

Google has released a number of new search updates in July 2023 that could impact your online visibility. Here are a few of the key updates to keep an eye on:

Google drops mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. 

This might seem a little confusing, but hear me out. Google announced back in April 2015 that they would be favoring mobile websites vs. non-mobile websites. They also said that sites that load faster would rank higher. But that’s not entirely true anymore, with the introduction of their “Helpful content system”.

Yes, a website that’s mobile-friendly & loads quickly is a good sign of a website that users will enjoy more, but it’s not the core thing Google is looking for. They’re looking for websites that have content that users engage with.

Have you ever seen an ugly / non-mobile website rank high on Google? It happens all the time, but that’s because it has really strong content. This is why blogging is so important!

To learn more about the helpful content system, check this out:…/how-search-works/ranking-results/

Google releases Search Generative Experience (SGE). 

SGE is a new feature that uses generative AI to enrich search results with more information and context.

Google enhances Search Console. 

Search Console has been updated with new features, including a code editor for the rich results test and an insights report for users without Google Analytics.

Google launches perspectives filter. 

The perspectives filter allows users to see different perspectives on a topic in Google search results.

These are just a few of the Google search updates that have been released in July 2023. For more information, please visit the following resources:


Ensuring your website is properly optimized to rank higher means you will generate more traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads. More leads mean more new students.


These are updates that Market Muscles keeps an eye on for you. We make constant updates to our core system to ensure your website benefits from these updates and continues to play to the new rules Google puts out.

That being said, knowledge is power, so our team will continue to share updates as we’re made aware of them!