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7 Tips for Writing a Marketing Email for Your Martial Arts or Fitness Facility

According to Tech Jury, about 306 billion emails are sent every day. So how can you make your marketing emails stand out? There are tons of tips and best practices out there, but we think the ones below are most effective! Next time you’re writing an email, ask yourself if you can check the following boxes:

 1. Put effort into your subject line.

The language you use in the subject of your email could determine whether or not the email gets opened. When you use actionable language, such as “Don’t miss out on this offer!,” it’s letting the user know what value or action they’ll find in the email. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real! When you create a sense of urgency, your readers may be more eager to respond quickly.

 2. Keep paragraphs short.

It’s 2020, and the reality is most people are viewing websites and taking a look at emails on their phone. While in-depth emails may sound like a good idea to sell someone on what you’re offering, it’s important to keep them mobile-friendly.

 3. Make it personal.

Even if you’re blasting an email out to a list, do what you can to personalize the email. Multiple tools (like Market Muscles’ merge tags) allow you to use someone’s name in the email. When you segment your marketing lists for specific groups, you can also provide relevant content to those individuals, whether that’s for a new challenge you’re offering, a kids’ event, or a new adult class you’re promoting!

 4. Include links and a call to action.

Whether it’s scheduling a class or asking for a call, always include a call to action in your marketing emails. By including multiple links in your email, you’re giving the reader multiple opportunities to make a move. Always leave the reader with something they can act on. It could be a link to schedule a class, to a specific program page, your social media pages, or a landing page for an event.

 5. Talk about benefits.

How can what you’re offering benefit the reader? Don’t just explain what it is that you’re offering, but make it clear you have something that brings value to them. Sure, your gym may be offering great classes, but explain why the classes can help the reader reach a goal or better themselves.

6. Be genuine.

When you’re writing marketing emails, don’t focus solely on making a sale. You’re sending emails to people, so it’s important that you sound like a real person. Write an email as though you’re having a conversation with someone sitting next to you. If you wouldn’t use marketing jargon in your conversation, don’t include it throughout your emails.

7. Be clear.

Before you worry about how catchy your email is, make sure you’re clear with the facts. Using too much “fluffy” language can lose the reader, which is the last thing that you want!

As you’re writing any email, ask yourself what kind of emails you feel inclined to open and act on! Most people you’re emailing are likely receiving tons of promotional emails a day, so do your best to stay authentic and avoid coming across as trying to make a sale.