Your martial arts school’s culture is one of its most important characteristics. Students who take classes with you are doing more than learning a skill. They’re becoming part of a community. For that reason, you need to do everything you can to demonstrate the kind of culture students can expect to find when they enroll.

One of the best ways to show off your school’s culture is through social media. Social media offers versatility and personality that simply aren’t available with traditional marketing methods. Using a combination of words, images, and videos, you can give prospective students a peek inside your dojo before they ever set foot in it.

What Does It Mean to Show Culture?

The culture of your school represents who you are, how you teach, and what students can hope to gain by studying with you. Your teaching skills and martial arts expertise are undoubtedly important, but your culture is what sets you apart from other schools in your area.

Showing off your school’s culture means giving prospective students (or their parents) a feeling of what to expect if they join your community. Is your culture one of acceptance and encouragement? Do you focus on hard-core competition training? Whatever your core values and teaching style are, they combine to make up the culture of your school.

Ideas to Show Culture on Social Media

What can you do to demonstrate your school’s culture on social media? Here are some ideas:

  • Use Facebook Live video to stream a class or demonstration or to take live questions about your dojo. This is a great way to give students a glimpse of how it will feel to be in a class with you.
  • Write short posts that highlight elements of your culture. For example, if you choose a student of the month or if you are involved in community events, you can talk about those things and share them with your social media audience.
  • Shoot candid photographs of students and teachers before, during, and after classes. Real photographs of your school (rather than stock photos) show off the best aspects of your school’s culture and community.
  • Ask students and their parents to shoot video testimonials that focus on your school’s culture. This is especially helpful when it comes to selling the benefits of martial arts, including anti-bullying and confidence-building.
  • Create fun social media contests that are related to your school’s culture. For example, you might run a contest giving away a free class and ask people to talk about what they hope to gain by studying martial arts. Responding to entries gives you a perfect opportunity to talk about your culture.

You get the idea. The various types of content you can share on social media give you the chance to let prospective students know that studying with you is an opportunity to join a thriving, unique community of people who are passionate about martial arts.

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