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Kick things off by filling out the questionnaire right here at the bottom of the page. As soon as you hit submit, we’ll match you up with one of our awesome team members. They’ll pop you an email in no time, and we’ll get started on crafting your site.

Moving forward, for any questions or to chat with us, just drop a line at [email protected]. That’s your go-to for all things support and communication with us!


Your monthly billing cycle begins 30 days from the order date, providing ample time to launch your website. Success hinges on our collaborative effort throughout the design and build phases.

Promptly completing the questionnaire within 24-48 hours greatly contributes to having your site live before the first payment. We aim to streamline this process for efficiency.

Experience has shown that projects can stall if communication falters. Please note, we cannot refund monthly payments or pause subscriptions due to delays on your end. Your active participation is crucial for launching your website within the 30-day window.

Important: The deposit/setup charge becomes non-refundable once website development commences. Similarly, we cannot refund or pause subscriptions due to project delays that arise from your side.

Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life! 🎉

Setup Process

Remember, as a martial arts professional, your website isn’t primarily for you—it’s for the community members you’re looking to engage and serve.

Over the years, we’ve honed a design and layout process that’s proven effective for martial arts organizations. By leveraging heat-tracking tools and real-world user testing, we’ve gained insights into visitor behaviors—what draws their attention and why. Our approach is data-driven, rooted in actual user interaction and industry knowledge, not mere speculation.

We’re here to create websites that cater to both prospective and current members in the most effective manner. The site is for them, even more than it is for you. Complex terminology or industry-specific symbols might not resonate with or be understood by the general public. When aiming to attract the wider community, it’s crucial that your website features simple design and easy navigation.

Our team is composed of seasoned UX/UI designers, boasting decades of experience in crafting and developing websites. We encourage you to trust us with the design decisions. After all, that’s why you’re considering our services.

Once you’ve filled out the intake form, your designated Project Manager will collaborate with you to create a layout and design that not only reflects your unique brand but also aligns with how you operate within the martial arts world. Let’s work together to make your vision a reality.

Website Launch

At Market Muscles, our mission goes beyond just giving you a sleeker website; we aim to enhance your site’s technical foundation and digital footprint for lasting impact. During the setup phase, it often becomes necessary for us to tidy up aspects like link structures, page content, navigation sequencing, and the site’s overall framework.

Once we launch your site’s updated version, Google might need up to 180 days to re-index the new sitemap. This duration largely depends on the crawl frequency of your previous site, which tends to be on the slower side for sites not frequently updated with new content.

It’s possible to see a temporary dip in your site’s rankings, traffic, or lead generation as Google re-crawls and adjusts to the updates. This scenario is entirely normal and not something to worry about.

In the vast majority of cases, our clients’ sites begin to see ranking improvements almost right away. However, there are certain factors and timelines outside our control regarding how quickly Google re-indexes the new site. Rest assured, we’re here to support you through this transition and aim for the best possible outcomes.

Change Requests

At Market Muscles, we’re always thrilled to see that 90% of our clients fall in love with their site right away, often needing just a few minor tweaks here and there. These little adjustments typically take us less than an hour to sort out, ensuring everything is just perfect for going live.

Sometimes, though, decisions can be a bit trickier, or there might be a request for numerous revisions that extend beyond our initial agreement in terms of scope, time, and budget. In these cases, additional fees may apply to cover the extra time our Project Managers spend on these revisions. We approach these situations individually, always making sure to communicate any potential for extra charges well in advance.

Creating a website can be likened to building a house – once the foundation is laid, making major changes isn’t always straightforward. Significant alterations after the initial build can impact the development timeline and incur additional costs. That’s why we emphasize the importance of having a clear vision for your site from the start, especially during your initial conversation with your Project Manager.

To keep things moving smoothly, we ask that you provide any revision requests within 5 business days after receiving your draft site. This way, we can apply all your changes in one go.

We’ve found that 30 days is usually more than enough time to get your website up and running, provided there’s open and ongoing communication. Quick responses and engagement from your side can make all the difference in meeting our shared deadline.

We’ve seen cases where clients become less responsive after starting the process, which can delay the project. It’s crucial to stay engaged to ensure your website is ready within the 30-day timeframe. Please note that the deposit/setup charge is non-refundable once we’ve begun the website development, and we cannot pause subscriptions or offer refunds for delays caused on your end.

Let’s collaborate closely to bring your vision to life without any hitches!

3rd Party SEO/Marketing Agencies

At Market Muscles, we’re passionate about simplifying your digital journey, making it as seamless and integrated as possible. Why scatter your efforts across multiple designers, developers, and software platforms when you can have it all under one roof? Our platform is your all-in-one solution for web and digital marketing needs, ensuring you don’t have to look elsewhere for high-quality design, development, or content tools.

For those looking to boost their local visibility, increase traffic with advanced SEO, or engage your audience with custom content and blogging, our Plus plan is tailor-made for you. It’s your ticket to enhanced online presence and engagement, all within the streamlined service package Market Muscles offers.

However, we understand some of you might already be collaborating with external SEO or digital marketing firms. While we encourage leveraging all resources at your disposal, it’s essential to note that our services often encompass what you might be paying others to do. This overlap can lead to unnecessary expenses for services you already receive from us, especially since we’ve observed that external efforts don’t always translate to significant SEO or traffic improvements.

Our advice? Choose your digital partners wisely. With Market Muscles, you likely won’t need additional SEO services. We’ve got your on-site SEO covered, from schema markup and meta data optimization to page speed enhancements and more, ensuring your website is primed for top performance without external help.

Should you need assistance with content, like blog posting, we’re happy to accommodate by providing limited access for these specific tasks. However, to maintain the integrity and security of your site, we do not offer server level or theme/plugin access to third parties.

Looking to go beyond SEO and embrace a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? We’re excited to announce our partnership with Grow Pro Agency for those interested in exploring pay-per-click ads. Together, we ensure cohesive and effective digital marketing efforts, eliminating the need for external agencies.

With Market Muscles, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your digital success. Let’s work together to make your online presence as strong and effective as possible!

Let’s get started!