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Navigating the Reopening of Your Fitness Facility in the Midst of COVID-19

After months of virtual training, states are starting to allow fitness facilities to reopen. Along with the relief and excitement of opening your doors again, you’ve probably got a million and one questions about how to handle this next phase. How should you approach reopening? What does reopening mean for your virtual programs?  Stephen Reinstein, […]

Get More Out of Your Virtual Training With ActiveVault

Ahh virtual training…more and more gyms and martial arts schools have been turning to virtual training in the last several weeks. So how can you keep your current members engaged and continue attracting new members when all of your classes are online? ActiveVault is the answer! ActiveVault is a total game changer when it comes […]

Here’s How You Should Optimize Your Use of Market Muscles While Everyone Is Training at Home

With everyone staying home now due to the current coronavirus situation, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to enroll new members in your martial arts school or gym. It’s clear that everyone is pivoting to online training. Luckily, your Market Muscles site can pivot too! There are a few different steps you can […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Market Muscles Student Section

In the words of Stephen, Market Muscles’ founder, “Your student section is a MASSIVE asset that you should be taking advantage of – and it’s easy to set up!” With the coronavirus pandemic closing gyms and keeping people inside, you may be wondering how to keep your students engaged. With your Market Muscles Student Section, […]

7 Steps for Martial Arts Schools and Gyms to Take on Coronavirus

With people staying home to avoid coronavirus, you may be wondering what you should be doing as a martial arts school or gym owner to ensure you keep your community strong. How can you combat members calling in to cancel or put their memberships on hold? Take your classes online! As a school or gym […]