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What’s a Landing Page and How Can You Use One?

If you’re trying to generate more leads, landing pages are a great marketing tool to promote your school and convert people to students! When the term “landing page” gets thrown around, it can sometimes cause confusion. Questions like “Isn’t a landing page just another page on your website?” or “Isn’t that just another way to talk to leads?” may come to mind.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page that people “land on” after clicking on a link. Typically, landing pages are created for one specific purpose, and they’re used to capture a lead’s information.

Landing pages are not interchangeable with your website. They don’t have SEO, and they have a different goal than your website itself. Your website is a multi-purpose marketing tool that can be used for lead generation, to build trust within your community, to showcase your culture, and more. Landing pages are created with a single purpose in mind.

What are some things landing pages can be used for?
  • Promote special offers
  • Share resources
  • Track pay-per-click ads
  • Promote upcoming events
What should a landing pages consist of?
  • Logo

    Include your logo on the landing page to keep branding consistent across your marketing tools.

  • Text

    Focus on creating a headline and sub headline for your landing page that conveys the benefits you’re offering. Short paragraphs will be easier for your leads to read than long blocks of text. Include customer testimonials for social proof (if you can).

  • Images

    Include images that showcase the culture of your business. If someone is skimming your landing page for the basics, you want your images to help you stand out.

  • Call to Action

    It’s important to include one call to action on your landing page. Consider what the purpose of your landing page is. If you’re sharing a resource, your landing page will likely have a form for people to fill out. Once they hit the submit button, they’ll be able to download said resource. For special offers or pay-per click ads, you’ll likely have an opt-in form to gather lead information in exchange for more information on what you’re offering, like a schedule, for instance.

Market Muscles has created convert pages, which allow you to create drag and drop landing pages.

When you’re creating a convert page funnel, you can add multiple “steps.” Each step is essentially a new page, and you can create multiple pages as part of a process for whatever your page is for. Let’s say you’re creating a page for a special offer. You can create an initial offer page as step one, an up-sell page as step two, and a thank you page as step three. Each page can be redirected to the next as your lead clicks through each step of the funnel.

If you need help creating landing pages, just reach out to the support team at [email protected] and they’ll steer you in the right direction!