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The Power of Online Communities: 4 Martial Arts Industry Facebook Groups You Should Join Now

Online communities serve as a place where individuals can access a wealth of information, support, and expertise right at their fingertips. They serve as virtual hubs where members can learn from one another, engage in meaningful discussions, and form valuable relationships. These digital spaces provide an avenue for like-minded people to connect, collaborate, and exchange knowledge like never before.

If you’re a part of the martial arts & fitness industry, here are 4 Facebook groups you NEED to join: ????

1. Martial Arts Entrepreneurs : The mission of the Martial Arts Entrepreneurs Group is to connect and help engage, enrich, and educate the lives of Martial Arts Entrepreneurs and their communities, both personally and professionally.

2. The MAIA Group: The MAIA Group is a group of Martial Arts Instructors and Business Owners who are looking to network and launch their school to the next level!

3. Martial Arts Business Marketing by Market Muscles: Martial Arts Business Marketing by Market Muscles is intended to be used as a network to share internet marketing related content, questions, and discussion for the martial arts industry specifically.

4. Century Martial Arts School Network: The Century Martial Arts School Network Group is for martial arts school owners, school managers and instructors to share insights into our industry.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Learn and Share

Explore successful campaigns, top-notch marketing tactics, and the latest industry trends. Get priceless insights from the experts.


Connect with like-minded instructors, and be in-the-know about upcoming events and workshops.

Solve and Advise

Tackle common challenges with clever solutions, and receive feedback and advice from other members.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Jump In

Join the conversation by sharing your insights, experiences, and posing thoughtful questions.

Give Back

Contribute by offering your expertise, giving advice, and sharing valuable resources and tools.

Build Connections

Focus on making connections first, and share without overwhelming self-promotion. Be a valuable contributor, not a constant advertiser.