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Here’s How You Should Optimize Your Use of Market Muscles While Everyone Is Training at Home

With everyone staying home now due to the current coronavirus situation, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to enroll new members in your martial arts school or gym. It’s clear that everyone is pivoting to online training. Luckily, your Market Muscles site can pivot too! There are a few different steps you can take to optimize your use of Market Muscles while everyone is training at home:

Add Virtual Program Pages

Your regular program pages are great for your regular programs, but adding virtual program pages allows your prospective members and leads to find information that they’re specifically interested in – online training. If you want Virtual Program pages added to your website, just send an email to [email protected] and let them know! Once they’ve been added to your site, you can always edit the pages to give more information about your virtual training options.

Create a New Automated Sequence for Your Virtual Programs

While the Market Muscles automated sequences contain helpful information for your leads, they aren’t specific to virtual training. You can create your own sequences for virtual programs to spread the word and get your leads excited about joining you for training, even if it isn’t in your school or gym!

Just because you’re not able to train in your school, doesn’t mean your leads and members won’t find value in your online training. Your automated sequences are a key place to show how your leads can benefit from training with you virtually.

To create a sequence, log into your admin panel, select Communication >> Email & SMS Flows >> Add a New Sequence.

If you’d just like to update your current sequences for virtual programs, let the support team know! They can duplicate the sequences you already have, so you can go in and make the changes for your virtual programs.

Set up Your ActiveVault Student Section for Online Training

Keeping all of your online training information in one place is huge for your members. In your ActiveVault Student Section, you can add all of your virtual classes, class replays, documents, news and events so your members have easy access to everything.

If you want, you can add a Workout of the Day – you could even make it the warm up for your virtual classes! Add a waiting room to keep your members engaged if they log on early for a class. Share your classes with other gyms or schools using ActiveVault across the country.

The list of possibilities for your ActiveVault Student Section could go on and on, you just have to get in there and set it up! Once you select ActiveVault from your admin panel, you’ll see a list of training videos on the right of your ActiveVault dashboard to help you get started.

Make sure to check the MM Client Facebook group for virtual training updates! We’re adding and updating features regularly to help you keep your students engaged, even when they’re working out from home!