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Get More Out of Your Virtual Training With ActiveVault

Ahh virtual training…more and more gyms and martial arts schools have been turning to virtual training in the last several weeks. So how can you keep your current members engaged and continue attracting new members when all of your classes are online? ActiveVault is the answer!

ActiveVault is a total game changer when it comes to online training.

It’s the answer to account freezes and cancellations.


ActiveVault allows you to house all of your online content under one roof.

What can you create with ActiveVault?

  • Virtual Classes: Need a place to keep all of your virtual class meetings? Create a virtual class for each program you’re offering! The virtual class section allows your members to access your online meeting directly from your ActiveVault site.
  • Waiting Rooms for Virtual Classes: When your members join your virtual classes early through ActiveVault, they’ll be taken to a waiting room that you’ve created. What better way to get your members engaged before class even starts than to create a waiting room with warm up videos or playlist suggestions for the workout!
  • Online Training/CurriculumWant to post replays of your previous sessions? Add them to your online training curriculum. You can disable certain curriculum categories for certain accounts, so you don’t have to worry about your beginners jumping ahead to advanced classes, for example.
  • Different Account/Login TypesWhether you want your student content available with a single password or individual logins, ActiveVault has it covered.
  • EventsAdd events for anything you’ve got going on, whether it’s an in-person parents night out or an online accountability chat. Your members can even register or join the events from your event page.
  • NewsNews posts allow you to share what’s happening with your members. If you’re reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic or letting everyone know about a new program you’re offering, members can find more information in the news section of your site.

If you’re interested in creating an ActiveVault portal or have questions on setting yours up, shoot an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you get going!