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Everything You Need to Know About Market Muscles:TV

What is Market Muscles:TV?

Market Muscles TV, otherwise known as MM:TV, is a display screen that gives you the opportunity to showcase what’s happening at your school. You can use it as your own TV network to share information with your students.

Since MM:TV is based in the Cloud, you can make updates from anywhere. They’ll go directly to your school’s TV screen. If you have more than one TV, you can display the same content on all of them or customize the content for each TV.

What can MM:TV be used for?

  • Distributing information about your school
  • Welcoming new students
  • Featuring students or instructors
  • Promoting special offers
  • Giving messages or reminders to your students
  • Reminding students of upcoming events
  • Displaying special images
  • Sharing videos via YouTube
  • Showcasing slideshows

What do I need to use MM:TV?

  • TV: You’ve got to have a screen to stream your content to!
  • PC stick: The PC stick plugs into your TV and allows you to stream and share to the screen. We recommend the Intel Atom*, which can be bought directly from Amazon.
  • Wireless keyboard: A wireless keyboard is needed to set up your PC stick. We recommend the LogiTech Wireless Touch Keyboard*.

As long as you have a TV and a PC stick that is setup, you can have as many displays as you want. The wireless keyboard can be reused for each display. Each display TV can be customized, but they must use the same logo. For example, your training floor can be different from your seating area, and you can also have different displays for multiple locations.

If you haven’t set up your MM:TV yet, you can check out the updated MM:TV Manual to learn more. The new manual has updated screen shots using the new interface and new FAQs. As always, the support team can be reached at [email protected] if you have any issues.

*As an Amazon Affiliate, Market Muscles earns from qualifying purchases.