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7 Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Presence

With billions of users on Facebook, it’s critical to keep your business page updated and focused on your target audience. Basic features on your page can help bring you more leads – and most people don’t take advantage of them! Free marketing, insight into your audience, increased website traffic, brand building – these are just some of the benefits of getting your page set up.

Not sure where to start? Check out our tips below:

1. Set a Profile Picture

The first step to take while creating and branding your Facebook page is setting a profile picture. Like they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture you choose could either draw a customer in or turn them away.

Make sure you choose a clear image that shows who you are. When creating your fitness facility’s business page, you want to add a clear image of your logo. This is one of the first impressions people will see when they click your name.

Tip: Try to use a consistent profile picture across all social media platforms.

2. Choose a Cover Photo

Similar to setting a profile picture, set a cover photo as well. The cover photo should reveal who you are and what you are all about. It can be a quote, a graphic personalized to your website, or even just a photo of your business, team, or students/members.

Remember to choose a picture that is friendly and welcoming. People are more likely to stay on your page when you look confident and happy!

Tip: Try to match your cover photo to your social media persona.

3. Customize a Link

Adding a link to your page will help build traffic to your website. Look into customizing your vanity URL, which is a long URL that has been changed to a shorter and more memorable one.

With the help of Market Muscles, you can also create a LinkTree. What is a link tree? It’s a single URL that has various links within it and redirects the user to all of your websites and social media accounts.

Tip: Keep your vanity URL consistent with your business name

4. Add Contact Information and a Call-To-Action

Add your business’ contact information directly on your page. You can create a Call-To-Action (CTA) Button that encourages people to take action such as calling the business, sending an email, or even booking a session.

Facebook gives several button options depending on your objective. The options make it easy for customers to reach out with the click of a button.

Tip: Fill out all of the information in the ‘About’ section.

5. Set Up Messenger

Setting up messenger for your page allows for easy and fast communication with a customer. People like quick responses. Typically, chatting with someone on an app has faster response times and is more convenient than sending an email or trying to reach them by phone.

Tip: Once messenger is set up, you can add it to your Market Muscles website so your leads can chat with you from there, too!

6. Enable Reviews

Enabling reviews is a crucial part of creating your Facebook page. Reviews allow people to share their great experiences with your business for others to read. Typically, people will read reviews to decide whether or not they want to trust the business they’re reading about.

Having great reviews can boost your business and potentially bring in more members. Reviews you get on Facebook can be shared everywhere, from your website to your other social accounts to your email campaigns and more!

Tip: If you need more reviews, just ask your members for them! If you’re not sure how, check out our tips.

7. Post and Engage with your Audience

Ultimately, you want your Facebook page to show your followers and target audience what you’re all about and how you can help them. You can check all the boxes when it comes to setting up your Facebook page, but you have to post regularly and engage with your audience to really make an impact.

TipWrite engaging captions, ask questions, and keep your page current so people keep coming back!