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4 Things You Need on Your ‘Meet the Team’ Page

Have you thought about adding a “Meet the Team” page to your website?

Your team is the face of your business – creating a  ‘Meet the Team’ page can give your facility credibility and help build trust with your leads. For those new to your facility, identifying who their first class will be with or who to expect at the front desk when they walk in can make them more comfortable signing up!

Showcasing your staff’s strengths and personalities creates a connection with your audience. Along with establishing a connection, your ‘Meet the Team’ page can serve as a great place to recognize your leaders and all of their accomplishments! 

Not sure what to include on the page? Below are a few things we recommend to help you stand out:

 1. Name & Title

Address all employees by first and last name, which will help leads and new members learn the leaders of your school. Some other things you may want to include could be their title (i.e. “Instructor, Master, etc…”), belt rank, years of training, and/or pronouns!

TIP: Including staff titles can help people quickly identify who can answer their questions!

Check out: https://ekata.net/meet-the-instructors/ 

 2. Biographies & Fun Facts 

Have your team create a biography for themself by answering a couple questions. Identify their role in the school, their strengths and achievements, certifications, and some fun facts about themself. Creating these short bios for your team members will make them relatable and allows you to really showcase the talent and diversity within your school!

TIP: Create a template for the biographies so that you can just plug in the information for each person.

Check out: https://excel-in-life.com/about/meet-our-team/ 

 3. Headshots

Use high-quality images. Invest time in taking quality photos of your instructors/team members – maybe even hiring a photographer. You want this page to look professional and clean. Keep the headshots simple or include an action shot!

TIP: Consider using the same background for every headshot. (i.e. In front of your flag, school, logo, etc.)

Check out: https://commackmartialarts.com/meet-the-instructors/ 

 4. Group Photos 

Along with a headshot of each individual, include a few group photos and actions shots of your team. Show off the talent and the fun that your team has together!

TIP: Take photos of your staff at different events – after testing, at a PNO, at tournaments, etc.

Check out: https://purecorepilates.com/meet-the-team/ 

If you don’t have a “Meet the Team” page but you want one, just send an email over to [email protected] to get one started!