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10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Website Stand Out

You have a Market Muscles website, but you want it to be unique and thoroughly showcase what makes your school the best choice for a prospective student. What’s the most effective way to make that happen? We’ve gathered several tips to consider when you’re trying to differentiate your website from the rest.

Add an About Page.

Your About page allows you to tell people what makes your school distinct. You can showcase what your school is all about, what’s important to you, and why you do what you do. PureCore Pilates includes a “Meet the Team” page on their website, which combines more information about their studio as well as instructor biographies.

Showcase a virtual tour of your school.

What better way to make a prospective student feel comfortable walking into your school than by showing them exactly what they’re walking into? A video tour not only shows off your training grounds, but it can put potential students at ease when they see where they should go on their first day.

Add an instructors page or section to your website.

An instructors section or page gives you the opportunity to show off the personalities and specialties of all of your instructors! Take a look at X Martial Arts. They utilize an Instructors section at the bottom of their “About Us” page to share their martial arts story.

Change the copy on your website.

The copy on your Market Muscles website has been built to convert people to leads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it. Take a look at the program pages, and make sure the language is unique to your school and the type of martial arts you teach. For example, replace “martial arts school” with karate school. If you don’t use the term school, replace it with dojo, dojang or studio. You can keep the SEO specific text Market Muscles has created, but add in text using the general language of your practice.

Add videos

Videos give potential students a feel for your school. Add video to your homepage or other pages throughout your website to make a lead feel welcomed. For example, create a welcome video or a thank you video that displays on the “Thank You” page after a trial is purchased. All Star Jiu Jitsu showcases a video on their homepage. Include subtitles in your videos to help boost your rankings online.

Blog, blog, blog

Blogging not only plays a hand in boosting website rankings, but it allows you to share news and information that is specific to your school. Share articles that are relevant to your type of martial arts, school updates, instructor spotlights, student spotlights, event recaps – anything that you think would be interesting to potential students. You can always refresh previous blog posts by switching out photos or changing some of the information or wording in the posts.

Add an Events Page

Show off events that your school puts on or participates in! Are you hosting a special class or workshop? Does your school participate in volunteer activities? Create a page to let people know when and where you’ll be so that they can take part in the fun.

Display a photo gallery

Photo galleries exhibit what’s going on in your classes, at your school, and at your events. They give prospective students an idea of your school’s culture and where they could see themselves fitting in. Check out the photo galleries Ageless Karate has added to their website. If you’re wondering what images are best for your website, take a look at our blog post on choosing photos for your martial arts website.

Add a Reviews Page

Each review you receive will be unique and will likely give a reason (or multiple reasons) why your school is great! Adding a Reviews page will show off what you’re doing to bring students into your school and keep them coming back. Reviews are shown throughout your website, but having a page dedicated to reviews will help leads find them all in one place.

Personalize your email/sms sequences

Personalizing your sequences with words and phrases specific to your school and type of martial arts can give students a sense of the community that they’re exploring becoming a part of.

As you make changes to your website, keep in mind that it’s meant to bring you new leads. Bombarding potential leads with too much information can cause them to lose sight of why they’re visiting your website in the first place. Include enough information on your website to give leads an idea of what your school is all about, but try not to overwhelm them with too many details.

If you need any assistance making updates to your website, send an email to the support team at [email protected].