Do you have testimonials on your website? If not – or if you only have one or two dated ones – then you’re missing out on an important element of a lead-generating website.

Testimonials provide prospective students with a compelling reason to attend your school instead of others in the area. They’re a way of providing proof of the value of what you offer students.

Still not convinced? Check out these four reasons to have testimonials on your website.

Reason #1: Testimonials Harness the Power of Storytelling

As human beings, we are all susceptible to the power of storytelling. In fact, studies show that people respond to stories in a way they don’t to facts and figures.

A testimonial that tells a compelling story about how studying with you helped a student does far more to entice new students to join your school than any list of benefits you can put together.

Why? Because people identify with stories. It’s easy for a prospective student to imagine themselves in place of the star of the testimonial – and that’s what you want.

Reason #2: Testimonials Build Trust

Any student (or parent) who enrolls in a class with you must trust that you’ll be able to deliver on the promises your website makes. To put it another way, nobody wants to buy from a company they don’t see as trustworthy.

Testimonials help create trust because they provide concrete proof of your school’s value. In fact, customers trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from a friend.

When a prospective student visits your site and sees testimonials, they know that you’ve made a difference for the people featured in them.

Reason #3: Testimonials Explain the Culture of Your School

The culture of a martial arts school matters to students. People who enroll in your school are also joining a community and they want to know what it will be like.

One of the key benefits of a testimonial – particularly a video testimonial – is that it gives prospects a chance to hear what your school is like from someone who’s experienced it as a student.

In other words, a testimonial offers the kind of first-hand experience that can convince leads to sign up for a tour or take a free class.

Reason #4: Testimonials Illustrate the Benefits Students Reap

One of the best ways to convince a prospective student to sign up for a class with you is to show them how your classes can improve their lives. There’s no better way to do that than with a before-and-after testimonial.

Many students who study martial arts experience profound changes as a result. They lose weight, gain confidence, and carry themselves with pride. They can defend themselves and they know who they are.

The testimonials on your site can provide prospective students with the ability to imagine what they stand to gain if they join your community.

The bottom line is that having recent testimonials on your site is one of the best methods available to attract new students. If you don’t already feature testimonials – or if yours are out of date – then it’s time to add them and reap the rewards.

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