Social media marketing is a must for most business owners. The tricky part can be figuring out which social media sites to use. It’s not practical to have account on all of them, so how can you narrow down the choices?

We’ve done the research for you. What we learned in the process is that if you have time to keep only one social media account active, the best choice is Facebook. In fact, our services are designed to help you make the most of Facebook marketing.

With that in mind, here are five key reasons that Facebook needs to be in your marketing strategy.

Reason #1: Targeting mobile users

A few years back, accessing the web via a mobile device was still rare. Today, it’s become the norm. 2015 was the first year that mobile searches outstripped computer searches. Mobile is here to stay.

Facebook has more than 1.7 billion monthly users. Of those, about 47% access the site exclusively on mobile devices. Market Muscles offers responsive website design that works perfectly with Facebook. No matter which device your target customer uses, they’ll be able to view your website and get to the content they need.


Reason #2:  Making the most of usage time

If you’re going to spend time and money marketing your studio, it makes sense to spend them in areas that are highly likely to reach your target audience. That’s good marketing and good business, too.

Users spend a lot of time on Facebook, reading posts on their feed and sharing things with their contacts. In fact, 22% of most users’ time online is spent on Facebook as opposed to only 11% for Twitter and YouTube combined.

What that means is that the effort you put into building a Facebook following and creating content to share is very likely to pay off in a significant way.


Reason #3: Leveraging your audience

A good portion of your target audience is likely made up of children and their parents. One of the big benefits of Facebook marketing is that you can reach parents by reaching their kids – and vice versa.

Our research revealed that 83% of parents are connected with their kids on Facebook. What does that mean for your marketing? Any time that a kid follow you or interacts with your content, their parents will see it.

Facebook’s targeting tools make it easy for companies to pinpoint their audience using a combination of demographics and psychographics. If you do a good job of it – and we can help you – then you can be confident that your content is reaching the people who need to see it.


Reason #4: Maximizing your click-through rate

Online marketing is a numbers game. If people don’t click on your ads and visit your website, your ROI won’t be where it needs to be.

The average click-through rate for all display ads as of 2016 was .17%. That translates to fewer than two clicks per 1,000 impressions. By contrast, the average CTR on Facebook is .9%. Adding a call to action (CTA) button can increase that rate 2.85 times.

Marketing on Facebook offers the best opportunity to maximize the return on your marketing investment.


Reason #5: Offering rich content

The final reason we think Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy has to do with content. Our research shows that videos get higher engagement than any other type of content. However, they make up only about 3% of what’s shared on Facebook.


This statistic points to what we see as a huge opportunity for our clients. We want you to:

  • Target your content to your idea customers
  • Create rich and useful content that they’ll love
  • Put the content in a format that’s most likely to be shared

We know that following these steps will get you a big return on your investment. Facebook needs to be in your marketing strategy – and we can help.