TV Content Manager

Share important school news and updates, videos, welcome new students, photo gallery, and much more without the hassle of using USB or burning CD’s. Think of this as your own TV network, accessible from anywhere in the world!


Professional & Branded Design

First impressions are everything. By having a professionally designed display board on your TV, you automatically level up your lobby presence.

The struggles of getting your members to read your announcements are endless! Utilize a format that they're familiar with to get your messaging across.


Easily Update From Anywhere

The TV content manager is based totally in the cloud, which means you can make updates from anywhere and they'll show up on the TV at your school.

Whether you're updating it from a Windows computer, Apple device, or Android device, it's compatible with all.


Unlimited Slides & Types

Whether you want to feature pictures from a recent event, a flyer for an upcoming tournament, or video, you're in total control of what displays on your TV.

Have multiple TVs in your school? No worries! Your TV Content Manager can display on as many TVs as you'd like.

Firestick Integration

Wondering how to display the TV Content Manager on your TV? All you need is an Amazon Firestick. For less than $50, you have all the hardware needed to power the Market Muscles TV Content Manager.

Unlimited TV Support

More than one TV? Don’t worry, you have no limitations on the amount of TVs you can display your content on. You can even have different content display on each TV!


Market Muscles is one of the greatest things I have ever done for my martial arts academy. After many long conversations about my “online presence and brand” I was unaware that I had been making so many mistakes that many of us do, even if we think we are acting in our best interest. Deliberating Responsibility and delineating to expertise is something that anyone running an academy should embrace and Stephen and Market Muscles have done that for me and my business. My leads and pre-paid trials have never been this good, or even existent.

With pre-developed, high resolution, professional products, Market Muscles makes your online presence just that- presentable. Why exhaust yourself with the details of an industry you don’t know and focus on the one you do? I recommend anyone who wants to grow their academy to contact Stephen at Market Muscles unless you hate having students.

Stephen Ferraro

Ferraro Karate

TV Content Manager FAQs

  •  What hardware do I need?

    All you need is an Amazon Firestick for each TV you want to display your content on. We suggest buying this directly from