Posted by Sarah Jane Blakely
Google Rankings: Everything You Need to Know

How long does it take to rank on Google? It may seem like a simple question, but there are thousands of factors at play when […]

Posted by Stephen Reinstein
Search Engine Optimization for Martial Arts Schools

If you’ve done any research about how to get good results with your school’s website, then you have probably come across this term: Search Engine […]

Posted by Stephen Reinstein
How User-Friendly is Your Website?

Did you know that when people visit a page on your website, they almost never read it from top to bottom? That’s true even when […]

Posted by Stephen Reinstein
5 Benefits to Writing Blog Posts

Writing blog posts for your fitness or martial arts business is highly beneficial in more than one way. Creating fresh and quality content that people […]

Posted by Stephen Reinstein
10 SEO Dos and Dont’s to Help Improve Your Website

If you know anything at all about search engine optimization (SEO), you know that keeping up with best practices is a bit like walking in […]