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What’s a Landing Page and How Can You Use One?

If you’re trying to generate more leads, landing pages are a great marketing tool to promote your school and convert people to students! When the term “landing page” gets thrown around, it can sometimes cause confusion. Questions like “Isn’t a landing page just another page on your website?” or “Isn’t that just another way to […]

Get More Out of Your Virtual Training With ActiveVault

Ahh virtual training…more and more gyms and martial arts schools have been turning to virtual training in the last several weeks. So how can you keep your current members engaged and continue attracting new members when all of your classes are online? ActiveVault is the answer! ActiveVault is a total game changer when it comes […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Market Muscles Student Section

In the words of Stephen, Market Muscles’ founder, “Your student section is a MASSIVE asset that you should be taking advantage of – and it’s easy to set up!” With the coronavirus pandemic closing gyms and keeping people inside, you may be wondering how to keep your students engaged. With your Market Muscles Student Section, […]

Market Muscles App: The Newest Market Muscles Feature

We’re excited to share that Market Muscles has launched our communication app! Android users can download it on the Google Play Store, and iPhone users can get it on the App Store. The Market Muscles App simplifies communication with your leads. We know you can’t always log in to the backend of your website to […]