Over the past 3 years, the team at Market Muscles has had the opportunity to build martial arts websites for over 700 locations around the world. Although it was super hard to pick, here are 5 of our favorite websites that we’ve built over the past few years.

Ageless Martial Arts

Ageless Martial Arts Websites

Ageless Martial Arts did a wonderful job providing top quality photography of their students that we integrated when we built their website. Using your own pictures allows you to show off what’s different about your school – your culture.

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X Martial Arts

X Martial Arts’ website features an awesome background video on the top of their homepage. Video allows you to give an inside look at what your prospective members can expect when they walk through the doors of your school.

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Training Grounds Martial Arts Academy

Training Grounds Martial Arts Websites

Training Grounds Martial Arts Academy made this list because of its strong branding. They utilize very unique colors and have a modern logo that matches the culture & programs offered at its school.

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Championship Martial Arts

CMA Martial Arts Websites

Earlier in 2019, we had the opportunity to partner up with Championship Martial Arts and create their licensees a unique design specifically for their brand.

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Team Remedy BJJ

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