If you’ve done any research about how to get good results with your school’s website, then you have probably come across this term: Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. To the uninitiated, it can sound like techno-speak, and it may seem impossible to master.

SEO is a complex topic, but you don’t have to be an expert to use it to attract traffic to your website. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the easiest ways to do it.

What is SEO?

SEO is the science of getting your website to rank high on Google’s (or any other search engine’s) list of search results for your chosen keywords. A keyword is any word or string of words that someone looking for a business like yours might type into the search box.

Google uses a proprietary algorithm to rank websites. The practice of SEO includes the use of keywords, as well as these things:

  • The use of tags and meta tags on your website
  • The architecture of your website
  • The relevance of your website to the keywords used

In other words, before Google awards a high rank to a site, the algorithm must recognize certain elements of the site as being useful to people who are searching your chosen keywords.

Common SEO Mistakes

One of the issues amateurs run into with SEO is that they oversimplify. They read something about keywords and think that all they need to do is use those words and they’ll attract traffic.

The truth is a bit more complicated. Here are some of the most common mistakes that martial arts schools make regarding their SEO:

  • They use keywords without considering the overall quality of their site
  • They fail to use tags on their sites
  • They don’t use keywords in their tags
  • They choose the wrong keywords
  • They don’t include locational keywords

Proper SEO gives search engines every opportunity to find and categorize your website so that the people who need it can find it.

SEO Shortcuts to Try

Now that you know which mistakes to avoid, let’s review some SEO shortcuts that you can use to turn a website that’s not doing much for you into a winning site that brings new students to your site every day.

  1. Review the structure of your site. By that, we mean that you need to make sure that first-time visitors can find what they need. Is your menu clearly visible? Does your site have a search function that works? Are internal pages linked to one another? These things help Google categorize your site properly.
  2. Is each page on your site optimized for one keyword? For example, your after-school program might be optimized for a keyword that included some variation of these search terms:
    1. Martial arts
    2. After-school program
    3. Your city

Using keywords like these helps ensure that people in your area can find you when they’re looking for after-school programs for their kids.

  1. When you add images and subheadings to your blog, make sure to use tags. Image tags should always use keywords, and you should also make sure to use keywords in your headlines and subheadings and mark them with the appropriate tags so that Google can find them.
  1. Use your chosen keywords artfully. You should always use a keyword in your headline or page title, as well as in the first paragraph of your content. Placing keywords in important locations increases their impact.

Using these simple tricks can help you maximize traffic to your website. And of course, if you want to take all the guesswork out of SEO, you can opt for one of our lead-generating martial arts websites