Blogging helps business connect with the target audience and share valuable information with them. In fact, companies that blog more than 11 times per month generate between three and four times as much traffic as companies that blog only once a month.

If you want your blog to generate that kind of traffic – particularly the kind of traffic that turns into leads for your school – then you need to make sure that the content you post is high-quality and irresistible. Here’s how to do it.

Choosing a Fascinating Topic

The first element of an effective blog post is the topic. Without a fascinating and relevant topic, you can’t hope to engage your audience.

The good news here is that you know your target audience. You’re speaking to moms who hope that martial arts can provide a solution for their kids or to adults who want to get in shape.

When you come up with topics for your blog, you should always be thinking about what provides the most value to your audience.

Write Irresistible Copy

Your blog content must be well written and easy to understand. Many business blogs choose to use a conversational tone to connect with customers.

The tone of your post should speak directly to your target audience. It should use plain language, and be carefully proofread to catch any spelling or grammatical errors.

Write an Intriguing Headline

Certain titles get more attention than others. Looking at successful web content creators like BuzzFeed can help you understand how to appeal to the average web user. But how can you get the maximum amount of traffic for your blog?

These techniques tend to create anticipation and arouse curiosity:

  • Put a number in your title, like this: 7 Ways that Martial Arts Can Improve Your Child’s Grades
  • Ask a question, like this: Can Martial Arts Help You Lose Pregnancy Weight?
  • Create curiosity, like this: The One Thing That Can Defeat Bullies
  • Offer instructions, like this: How to Use Martial Arts to Improve Your Flexibility
  • Combine two of the above techniques, like this: Can Martial Arts Improve Your Child’s Grades? Here are 7 Benefits to Consider

The more compelling your title is, the more likely it is that people will click a link and visit your blog.

Use Reader-Friendly Formatting

People don’t read web content straight through. Instead, they skim it. You can facilitate skimming by the way you format your blog.

Content with short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet lists, and images is easier to read and absorb than a straight block of text. The more you break up the content, the more likely it is that you’ll hold readers’ interest.

Include Compelling Images

The images you include with each blog post must be compelling, relevant, and genuine. In other words, you should use:

  • Authentic images that represent your school and its culture
  • High-quality pictures that are crisp and clear
  • Images that illustrate or highlight information you share in your blog

Graphic content, including photographs, infographics, and illustrations, add visual interest to your blog.

If every post you create has these five elements, then you’ll be sure to captivate your target audience and attract new students for your school.