If you know anything at all about search engine optimization (SEO), you know that keeping up with best practices is a bit like walking in quicksand. It’s a constantly shifting landscape.

That said, there are some constants. We’ve put together a list of 10 SEO Dos and Don’ts that you can use to improve your website. And of course, we’re here to help.


Let’s start with the five top things that you should be doing to improve your site’s SEO.

  1. Blog regularly. Blogging is still one of the best ways to attract potential clients to your site. A parent who’s looking for a quality martial arts studio for their kids is probably going to start with a Google search. Blogging keeps the content on your site fresh and forces Google to index it. Since Google prioritizes fresh content, blogging can improve your search results.
  2. Use keywords in important places. You don’t have to stuff your page with keywords. In fact, readability is more important than keyword count these days. Google prioritizes the reader’s experience. Instead of worrying about how many times you use your chosen keywords, put them in key places like in your title, tags, and images.
  3. Include internal links. Here again, the focus is on the user’s experience. If you blog about a particular topic relevant to your clients, link to other content that’s related. Internal links improve the experience of visiting your site and help ensure that your content reaches its target audience.
  4. Build high-quality incoming links. Internal links are important, but getting authority sites to link to your page makes a huge difference in your SEO. When a site that already has a high Google rank links to your site, Google notices.
  5. Perfect site navigation and load times. Ultimately, Google wants to give preference to sites that offer users a great experience. Your site should load quickly and have an easy-to-use navigation system. No visitor to your site should ever be confused about how to find what they need.

If you take the time to do these five things, your search ranking will improve.

SEO Dont’s

There’s a lot of advice out there about SEO, but here are five things you should never do.

  1. Buying links. There are plenty of services out there offering to sell inbound links to websites. However, doing so is considered a “black hat” technique and can earn you a penalty from Google. Resist the urge to come up with a quick fix and take the time to build quality links.
  2. Buying traffic. This tips is related to the last one. There are people and websites out there that offer to provide tons of traffic for your website. The problem with buying traffic is that Google can tell that it’s not organic. The only traffic that’s going to help your site is the traffic that comes from search engines or authority sites.
  3. Keyword stuffing. In the early days of the internet, it was common for webmasters to create pages with tons of keywords but little meaning. Today, Google gives top priority to sites with quality content. Resist the urge to overuse keywords at the expense of readability.
  4. Not using tags. A big part of SEO relates to tag usage. Any content you post on your websites should be properly tagged with keywords. That includes title tags, H1 and H2 tags, image tags, and so on. A lot of business owners don’t bother tagging and it costs them.
  5. Content spinning. The practice of content spinning involves taking content from another site and rewriting it just enough to make it appear original. As Google’s algorithms improve, sites that spin receive penalties and may even lose their Google rank. All of the content on your site should be original and relevant to your users.

Optimizing a site for SEO is a complicated endeavor. We’re here to help you implement SEO best practices – and avoid the mistakes that can get you in trouble with Google.